Energy saving

In 2011, after spending decades to repair and operate stabilizers plant worldwide, considering the global industry demands for saving fuel, we decided to accept the changing world challenge for a cleaner and less polluted environment.

We decided to put our experience and engineering capabilities into making more efficient the stabilizers operations, in order to find the most optimized way to operate the stabilizing fins reducing their drag (and consumption) without renouncing to good quality stabilization.

This is the route that brings us to design and build Pinfabb POSEIDON, an energy saving tool to be installed on existing stabilizers control systems capable to transform normal stabilizers into SMART STABILIZERS.

It is commonly known that stabilizers use reduces the ship cruise speed, here at Pinfabb we found the best way to avoid big loss of speed and save energy without renouncing to good stabilization, learn more on how we transform normal stabilizers into SMART STABILIZERS and help us into make this technology become an industry standard.

Fins just housed and the ship starts rolling. Ship cruise speed with fins in is 18,5 knots

Fins extended and controlled by Pinfabb_ECO: roll motion of the ship starts to decrease, ship cruise speed with fins out can remain stable.