Our history begin in 1981 under the denomination of Alfa sas, performing repairs activities to marine navigation equipment (including Radar, VDR, Ecdis and more) and then specializing itself in the stabilizing fins.

Pinfabb today offers a skilled and trained staff to assist all the aspects of every fins stabilizing plant, with a special focus on fuel saving and CO2 reduction. Our core-business is to provide solutions for obsolete stabilizing plant of any age/type on board whatever vessel, supplying modern and compatible spare parts and our avant-garde Smart Fins Stabilizer Control Pinfabb POSEIDON.

Pinfabb POSEIDON has been specifically designed to replace every type of old stabilizers system in order to give the opportunity to any ship-owner/operator to restore the stabilizers good work with the most technological and convenient solution. Visit the Pinfabb POSEIDON to know more about this incredible system.

Our controls are to date installed on board over 80 ships.


First Pinfabb Control - Year 1997

SyncEco Control - Year 2010