Our Pinfabb_ECO is a digital fins stabilizing energy tool, used as Fuel Saving Tool suitable to be installed on the existing stabilizers control on board.

Pinfabb_ECO, when deployed, can reduce fins drag and consumption up to 60%, and consequently get fuel saving of 2% during the fins use, the scope of the system is to optimize the use of the stabilizers cutting the breaking forces of the stabilizers and flaps while keeping a good level of comfort on board. Pinfabb_ECO is equipped with avionic miniaturized inertial platform which informs the operator about the real time roll motion of the ship and comfort levels. Mathematical algorithms calculate on real time basis the actual power (in KW) that the stabilizers are absorbing to the ship’s propulsion, giving a new and clear visions about the ship’s stabilization effectiveness and power dissipation.

This system has been already installed on different vessels and the saving results can be touched with hand. See what our customers said after proving Pinfabb_ECO

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