pinfabb POSEIDON

From the first prototype built in 1994, Pinfabb has always improved the design of its core product, the Pinfabb POSEIDON system.

This system is the unique digital stabilizers control in the world able to retrofit every type of stabilizers, no matter the age or the design of the existing system, POSEIDON will drive your stabilizers electronically using always the same HMI (human-machine interface) and adapting itself to the hydraulic and mechanical unit installed on board.

Big and complex stabilizers control cabinets can be easily replaced with smaller and more advanced Pinfabb cabinets.

Over these decades of working experience Pinfabb engineers developed an advanced modular and extremely compact hardware that permits to the POSEIDON to smoothly retrofit every stabilizers plant at a very convenient price.


Our avant-garde state of the art fins stabilizers control is able to identify the optimal stabilization, through special algorithms and calculations, exploiting dynamic factors as ship motions and weather conditions, it is also provided with a saving fuel software that permit to reduce Co2 emissions. It allows a real-time consultation of analytical data and diagnostic service. Contrary to what happens normally, the cruise speed is not affected from stabilizers employment (usually reduced up to 1 knots) with our smart control the stabilizing fins will no longer be demonized, the optimal stabilization of the ship will be easily obtained, as well as the passengers comfort. Carribean Fantasy Press release