Remote Service

When service engineers cannot inspect vessels physically, a practical alternative for customers is to use remote service sessions. During the years customers joining the Remote Service package have been more and more and this tool has proven to be very reliable and useful to solve tasks remotely, avoiding costs as travel, engineer on place, etc

Pinfabb Remote Service Software statistics only in 2019 are stunning:
– 89,300.00 euro saved.
– 22,933 kg of CO2 reduced.
– 95% of problem solved in less than 2 hours.

This is possible due to the special POSEIDON configuration, composed by high-level plug-and-play components, which
make it unique among all the industry.

Last year the 95% of problems have been solved in less than 2 hours with our remote service, and thanks to 100% plug and play components of Pinfabb Poseidon, we are also able to send directly to the vessel any eventual defective part, that can be easily replaced by the crew.