Since more than 30 years we perform services for every kind of stabilizers plant. During these years of works we have always trained new generation of engineers, who collected huge experience in operating and repairing all the stabilizers plant which exist on the market, including the oldest ones, today out of production.

Our technical team includes different generation of engineers, exclusively specialized into stabilizing fins plant, and no other equipment: this is the stronger guarantee for our customers.

Our REPAIR activities cover all the stabilizers aspects:


We have also at disposal a considerable amount of OEM spare parts in stock, that we use to attend our customers services. Visit our PRODUCTS page to know more about all the parts we can supply.

During our long life we have repaired and upgraded several stabilizing fins hydraulic units all over the world.

We also provide assistance during dry dock for stabilizing fins maintenance, taking care of fins demounting, seals replacement, shipyard manpower management and more.