Thanks to the well refurbished stock, we can supply to our clients almost every electronic spare parts for Stabilizers (i.e.: Gyroscopic, Control PCBs, Original Relays, Contactors, Micro switches, Displays, and more) for several Fins Plant (including Sperry, Denny Brown, Blohm+Voss, Fincantieri, and more). we also produce a Smart Stabilizers Control, called “PINFABB ECO”, that moreover to be used as a Fuel and CO2 saving system, can be installed on any new or old plant to renew the stabilizers replacing the old Electronic Unit and Automation. Highly Skilled and trained engineers from PINFABB can install spare parts, new controls and repair the stabilizers at very competitive and closed rates

Exist some cases where to repair is no longer the most convenient solution for ship-owner/operator. In these cases we offer one beautiful Retrofit solution for our customers, we call it: Pinfabb POSEIDON

The upgrade and retrofitting of the fins stabilizer plant with our control is the right choice in these cases, especially because it is competitively priced and provides many advantages compared to the commonly used controls.

When the Retrofit is recommended?

·         When the original spare parts are expensive and difficult to find.

·         When stabilizing plant is suffering technical problems.

·         When the ship owner wants to keep the right level of comfort and safety on board.

·         When the ship owner wants to renew the equipment and improve the ship efficiency.

Our Pinfabb POSEIDON is the unique system over the world able to perfectly retrofit all fins stabilizers plants existing in the market, even those which are now obsolete or defective.

– It can be installed on ANY type of stabilizers, no matter which is the plant or the its age.

– It demonstrated that provides high quality stabilization, also at low speed.

– It is an useful Fuel Saving Tool, as in ECO mode it can reduce fins drag and consumption up to 60%.

– It has the most advanced Human-Machine-Interface, easily providing several real time information.

– It could be integrated with ship equipment and its information could be shared with company office.

– It can be installed during ship operations avoiding time loss or dry-dock costs.

Our technical team follows the retrofit process with care from the beginning to the end of the project, including the installation, the sea trials and the crew training on board.