Conscious saving and environmental sustainability are the values ​​on which our mission is basedwe developed our principal product Poseidon focusing a particular attention to environmental impact and CO2 emissions reducing, and also we also provide eco-sustainable services, boosting the remote service and promoting our remote maintenance package for the purpose of contributing to a circular and low-carbon economy.

Also the use of green materials with low environmental impact, the conscious management of consumption in our production and in the office, taking great care to eliminate energy waste, optimizing device and recycling the common use material like packaging and paper, using almost exclusively the electronic/email transmission and cloud storage.

We are working to create a supply chain that has the principles of environmental protection since the responsible use of resources is of absolute importance for all companies that have already embarked on the path of eco-sustainability. We we are putting in place an accurate one selection of suppliers and business partners who share the same attention, the same principles and the same values ​​in terms of environmental protection.

Furthermore, we practically take care of the ambient growing a biodynamic garden every season, and for every Poseidon stabilizers control installed on board, we will strive to plant a tree in our in the neighboring countryside, giving to the tree the name of the related vessel.