A vessel fitted with Pinfabb stabilizers system has excellent promise for simple operations and stabilizers understanding above the standard. To help our customers get the most out of their stabilizers systems, Pinfabb offers training courses tailored for vessel operators, captains, engineers, and onboard maintainers. There are available also courses for system installers and worldwide agents/partners.

The training courses are provided at Pinfabb Training Quarter in Genoa, Italy.

If you desire to obtain more information regarding the Pinfabb Training Program you can contact us though our contact form.

Operations Training Course

The Operations Training course helps the vessel crew and maintainers in maximizing run time and performance of stabilizers equipment, and in improving the duration of the plant good working condition.

Participants will be trained to:

    Operate the stabilizers equipment.

    Have a better understanding of their stabilizers plant status and functions.

    Prescribe stabilizers settings for typical operating conditions.
    Perform onboard preventative maintenance tasks.
    Identify minor system faults.

    Boost the energy efficiency of their stabilizers plant.

The course includes personal instructions manual copies, including working on current Pinfabb stabilizer software and controls. Beginning with theory and advancing to the ability to maximize system performance, the comprehensive operations training course creates in-depth operational and maintenance expertise.